Technique Statistics
Type Fusion
Inventor Myrvyns
Used By Kail + Chaya

Convergence (集中,Shūchū) is a technique developed by Myrvyns, to give birth to great warriors.


Convergence is an ancient technique and has stated to have been developed by the first Myrvyns after witnessing the ability of the Kais. Using their abilities, they forged a unique set of earrings that was passed down through the generation. Smilier to the Potara to use this technique, two users will put an earring on a different ear. From here the users will speak a unique command, after which the users bodies are converted into energy and flows into the earrings. The two earrings will then connect the energies gained causing them to split apart, then merge into a single object. Moments after a body emerges with combined features of the original two entities, while possessing a pair of the earrings on each ear. The created entity is known to have the abilities and memories of the two, but will often have a different personality.


  • Amisen stated that this fusion is permanent and cannot be undone even through the use of Dragon Balls.
    • In addition to this, she has stated that once done, the created entity can not use this technique again.