Hello you people! It seems as if your power level is enough to comprehend the rules of this wikia. This page, as stated, contains the rules of this wikia as to how we operate.

General Rules

As a consensus of most standard RP based wikia sites, there are a few rules to follow to ensure that the RP experience is efficient and enjoyable for all parties involved. But, because this is based within the Dragon Ball universe, there are a few alterations to other wikia rules, which shall be explained below.

  • Auto-Hitting - Auto-Hitting is the result of delivering an attack against an opponent that can't normally be defended against. While normally frowned upon, there is a mutual agreement system that can be agreed to that allow some form of auto-hitting. If you wish to place an auto hit attack against an opponent, try to message the user before or immediately after making your post. As long as both parties agree, the hit, or hits, shall commence.
  • Godmodding - Godmodding is the act of utilizing tactics in an RP that cannot be defended, negated or avoided in any way whatsoever, or using forms of power beyond a character's limitations. Godmodding is largely frowned upon and should likewise be avoided whenever possible. Though some leniency can be granted if said godmodding is for the sake of a story. If so, like with auto hitting, ensure that mutual respect is set upon all parties involved.


"As an author, there is no greater sin than this, though I do hope for yourself that you can move on beyond it and progress on your own without having to rely on cheating." -User:DazzlingEmerald

The quote above, is from a enemy at first and now one of my greatest comrades on plagiarism. As he put it: it's completely unacceptable. Since we deem it as unacceptable, there are a series of ways at which myself, and the administration team will handle and punish those guilty of treason.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism: According to the Webster Online Dictionary, is to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own, to use (another's production) without crediting the source, or to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source. Plagiarism is indeed a federal offense, as the original author has the ability to actually sue the accuser.

  • First Offense: On the account that a user is first found guilty of plagiarizing, we will issue them their first official warning. This warning has a template that goes along with their warning, to help to the administration team keep track of the user's warnings.
  • Second Offense: The second offense, the user is given a temporary ban which lasts for exactly 24 hours. As the first template, is a second one, saying this user has been giving a 24 hour ban.



The sweet "Arcosians", "Frost Demons" or as you all know them as "Frieza's race", are a race of unique a prodigious beings. Here on te Dragon Ball Rebirth Wikia, we are going to go ahead and name them the Arcosians for name sake and being in a different Universe. Please allow me to go on a mini explanation:

Why did you guys choose this name out of all available options. Numerous times we've seen the beings referred to as either the Arcosians or the Frost Demons. I went with Arcosians because on the Dragon Ball Wikia, they there's actually multiple points that suggest that's actually who they are. By the way they dress, a built, and relations with Saiyans. For the sake of the wikia's story, I split the Arcosians into two tribes. The Frost Demons and the Fire Demons, with Arctic standing as the King of both tribes.

Let it be Frost Demon or Fire Demon, the character can only access their "Final Form" equalvalent to Frieza's own Final Form. Why is this, you may ask? Well, as stated above the "Arcosians" are a race of prodigious beings, and as long as they get stronger, they will continue to have forms which hold this power.

Frost Demons

First Demons





The storyline of Dragon Ball Rebirth takes place in the Fifth Universe. All Saiyans in this universe come from Planet Xeleri. This planet still exists and is still ran by it's king. However, unlike on Planet Vegeta where everyone kept their tails, on Planet Xeleri, King Mato stripped everyone of their tails, to ensure that he and his family would remain the dominant force. Weather or not these were his true intentions are completely unknown. By saying this, no one outside of him and his son should have a tail in Universe 5. For those that come up with some kind of way to keep their tails, they will be handicapped from certain transformations. Check down below for more.

Just because Planet Xeleri exists, doesn't mean that you can't make a half bred Saiyan. Just note when you make him/her, strip 'em of their tail for me. Do take heed of the fact that it will be extremely difficult. Planet Xeleri is consider heaven for the Saiyans no one would ever want to leave. King Mato provides them with exceptional living spaces, and resources. Also the saiyans are the "antagonist" for us, and because of this they have multiple limitations etc.

Super Saiyan Forms

If one has been to the more widely visited Dragon Ball RP wiki, you may have noticed there being an out of control amount of Super Saiyan forms, like SSJ10. From here, we are restricting this to only the seven, canon Super Saiyan forms. Super Saiyan forms one through four and Super Saiyan God, Saiyan Above God, and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. The last three right now are unobtainable and are only allowed through Goku and Vegeta. Whether or not we'll grant leniency towards this, I don't know yet. The first level of Super Saiyan is free to obtain as long as the Saiyan at least fits the power level requirement of 100,000.

For the other forms, extra RPs will be required. For full power Super Saiyan, two RPs of the Saiyan using the form in long term training must be written to awaken the full power. Now, because keeping the Super Saiyan state active for long at the first go is difficult, make sure you include points of rest where their powers had to recharge. These RPs should be well written and fit within the requirements of awakening full power Super Saiyan. One RP can be used to gain the "Ultra" form that Trunks used, but bear in mind that this transformation must always come with a massive drop in speed in exchange for the power boost, since it's not the true, full power state.

For Super Saiyan 2, at least three RPs must be undertaken in the Super Saiyan state, each of them putting the Saiyan under harsh, emotional experiences. Like with Gohan's awakening of the form, upon awakening it, the Saiyan must inhibit forms of lack of reason and morality. When Gohan first awakened it, he casted aside logical reason and morality, which should be something to account for in the RP that the Saiyan awakens it in. Again, this must be descriptive and well written.

Moving on to Super Saiyan 3, or as some call it SSJ3. This form, while not banned, will be extremely difficult to get as it comes with great power. In order to obtain SSJ3, we, either myself or Nari would like to see a detail description of how your character achieved the level of Super Saiyan 3. When I say detailed, I mean detailed. If you have to implement a story, role-plays, or even training regiments of how, then these things boost your chances of obtaining this transformation. Super Saiyan 3 has major drawbacks, and it quite clear one most have the greatest training to get to this state. Exhaustion is a key thing here, as Goku showed severe tire during his battle with Kid Buu. If one thinks they are ready to achieve the transformation, then by all means leave their character submission at the Review Board (under construction).

Next in the line of numbers is Super Saiyan 4 or SSJ4. Without a doubt these characters wishing to obtain this NEED their tails from the get go. No, the method Vegeta used for his is completely unacceptable. If one doesn't have their tail, don't even attempt to reach this stage. Again, just like the SSJ3 form, the character must be well written and some sort of story must go along with your submission.

Now, is the recently added form known as Super Saiyan God or SSJG. The chances for people to acquire this form are evidently slim. As, unlike the it's previous forms you will actually need a story for this rather than just writing on the character's page and submitting them to an admin. First, the Saiyan attempting to get SSJG form will have to get power of five other Saiyans. This means, you will indeed need the power of five Saiyans that ARE NOT created by you, the applicant. If you wish to get SSJG for your character they will need the thumbs up from five other Saiyans from other users. This also includes the now six collaborating user's story they have written and COMPLETED. Super Saiyan Blue is currently unobtainable.

Created Saiyan forms, as of right now, are banned. These rules does not apply to Super Saiyan Jade (Nari's), Super Saiyan Silver(Sigma's), and Legendary Super Saiyan Blue (Ben's). The first two are the forms of the heroes Castitas and Toneri two who have saved the world once before. I approved of Ben's transformation, because nine times out of ten, I think Broly will reappear and show this form.

DISCLAIMER If you possess a tail, do not try and obtain Super Saiyan Blue form. This also goes for if you're not a full blooded Saiyan. This keeps a limiter so that not a single character will have all transformations piled on like Goku. Requiring you, the author, to make a decision.

You may post your characters here: Special:Forum.


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