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Dragon Ball Z: Sacred Moon otherwise known as the Sacred Mean Series is a fan-faction spin-off series written by various different editors of the wikia, but ran by User:EmperorSigma and User:Narianos, based off the original Dragon Ball Z series written by Akira Toriyama. The series' current focus is unknown, however it is stated to have various different plots. It takes place an unknown amount of years after the defeat of Frieza after his revival. The series also contains a few movies written by the two authors, and a few other authors.

Story Arcs Edit

The Namekian Attack Saga Edit

Shin-jin Saga Edit

Universal Collision Arc Edit

Demon King Saga Edit

Movies Edit

This movie was announced by User:EmperorSigma, after getting the confirmation from User:SixpathsofSamoa that Broly would be an active antagonist. The air date is still unknown, as it hadn't been decided by EmperorSigma and Narianos.

Characters Edit

Protagonist Edit

Antagonist Edit

Trivia Edit

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