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Race Demon
Gender Male
Address Demon Realm
Occupation Demon King
Family Mira (Father)
Towa (Mother)
Dabura (Uncle)

Fu (府, Fu) is the demon child of Towa and Mira and nephew of former Demon King Dabura. After growing up with heart and burden of a defeated father and uncle, Fu vowed to take down each and every Saiyan throughout the Galaxy.

Appearance Edit

Fu is overwhelmed by a pure red skin tone, which compliments his demonic race just perfectly. His hair is in the of a Mohawk, about two inches off of his head. He wears a jacket which has a striking resemblance to a Japanese kimono colored gray with a golden outlining. For his pant, he wears dark blue gi pants like the ones Goku wears. His shoes are high boots the exact same color as his coat, with the addition of appearing as if he has on socks.

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Fu has outstanding powers and capabilities arly exceeding any base Saiyan as well as any Super Saiyan. He has combat capabilities on the level of any elite martial artist, being able to shatter boulders with nothing but a mere punch. Fu's durability is noteworthy as well, being able to take various punches to the gut without feeling a thing comparing it to a mosquito bite. His power level, as described in his introduction to the series is off the charts. Executive author of the Sacred Moon Franchise, Michael, has stated that Fu has a base power level of 500,000 without him charging up.

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  • Resonant Death Ball:

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