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Gohan's Dance and Attack is a fanfiction featuring Gohan and the Para Para Brothers.


While on the asteroid planet Beehay, Gohan comes face to face with the galaxy's most powerful dancers, the Para Para Brothers.


The story begins with Gohan, the son of Goku and Chi Chi is on the asteroid planet Beehay, being surrounded by a pack of giant bloodthirsty worm-like creatures called the Mourma. They began staring at Gohan, waiting to devouring the little saiyan as he starts to fight him.

Although the Mourma were proven to be fough opponents, Gohan manage to gain the upper hand by grabbing to their tails, tying up the Mourma and throwing them all into a pile. After that fight with the worms, a trio of aliens step out from the shadows as they clap and applause Gohan for disposing the Mourma.

As Gohan ask who there were, the three aliens introduced themselves as the Para Para Brothers (Bon Para, Don Para, and Son Para). Although Gohan was very shocked about their introduction as their poses reminded him of the Ginyu Force, he still wants to know why they are here.

Bon Para explains the reason why they were hiding was to observe Gohan and test out his strength and skills as he teleported behind Gohan and restrains him by binding his arms with a metal ring, which he is able to break free, much to the surprise of the Para Para Brothers. In the meantime, Bon Para ask if Gohan is a Saiyan, the latter replies yes, but half human. Don Para was shock to hear of a hybrid of a Saiyan and human when Bon Para tells his brothers to get ready as Son Para was referring to their special technique to use of Gohan.

The Para Para Brothers took off their armor and started dancing in front of Gohan, much to his surprised and confusion.


  • Gohan - a Saiyan/human hybrid from Earth and the son of Goku and Chi Chi.
  • Para Para Brothers - a trio of alien brothers with the ability to force anyone to dance uncontrollably.
    • Bon Para
    • Don Para
    • Son Para


"If I'm not mistaking, you must be a Saiyan."
— Bon Para



  • Gohan appears as his preteen self during the Android Saga of Dragon Ball Z