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English Intantaneity
Kanji 瞬間
Romaji Shunkan
Technique Statistics
Type Movement Techniques
Inventor Singulos
Used By Singulos
Similar Technique Time Skip
Light Bullet

Instantaneity (瞬間, Shunkan) is a unique ability unique to and utilized by Singulos.

Overview Edit

Instantaneity is a technique that allows the user to move through Space-Time and even beyond it by shifting their entire being into a state of infinite velocity. When active, the user is able to increase their perception of the world to a point where time is at a standstill from their point of observation, seemingly freezing the world around them. Despite this, the technique doesn't alter time but enables one to move past it. Concerning movement, the user is able to utilize the infinite speed granted by the technique to move from point to point, appearing to observers at teleportation. Singulos has stated that the the technique allows the user to observe and experience the world not as a "constant stream", but as "individual instances".

With intense training, Singulos learned how to further split an instance into more instances, allowing him to stop time for those capable of moving with the technique active, such as Time Skip users, by shifting their velocity. He is able to actively use this technique to stop even Hit from evolving his Time Skip and Time Freeze from effecting him at all. Because of this, techniques that actually alter or stop time are useless against Instantaneity.

By using Instantaneity on of in combination with other techniques, Singulos can achieve various effects:


Variations Edit

  • Instantaneity/Big Bang - By shifting the velocity of a technique infinitely, Singulos can multiply an attack by having it occupy multiple locations simultaneously. At full power, he can surround and attack a target from all directions in an instant.
  • Instantaneity/Big Crunch -
  • Instantaneity/Big Rip -
  • Instantaneity/Big Freeze -
  • Instantaneity/Big Bounce -
  • Instantaneity/False Vacuum -

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