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Isuka Mikakami
Name Isuka Mikakami
Race Saiyan/Human Hybrid
Blood Type AB
Birthdate Age 820
Nickname Vegeta's Student ベジータの学生
English Voice Cameron Monker
Japanese Voice Ayoki Diyu
Combat Rankings
Transformations SSJ
Basic Skills God Breaker, Galick Gun, Dirty Fireworks, Bunkai Teleport, Regeneration, Illusion Smash,
Ultimate Attacks Final Flash, Big Bang Attack, Final Shine Attack,
Weapons Sword

Isuka Mikakami (交喙・海佳神, Isuka Mikakami) is an warrior from the planet Earth. born to Trunks and Mai, he possesses Saiyan and Human blood.


Born to Trunks and Mai, Isuka was heavily spoiled by his grandmother, Bulma, and got tough love from his grandfather. Seeing an TV ad for the World Tournament, he asked Vegeta if he could shape him up in time for the tournament; to his surprise, Vegeta said yes, and Isuka went unforgiving, vigorous training. when Isuka would screw up, Vegeta often yelled at him; something that would get Isuka extremely mad, prompting Isuka to train harder. This proved useful, when Isuka turned Super Saiyan in the chamber. Vegeta, who was slightly impressed only pushed Isuka to train harder; by the time the Tournament came around, Isuka was very well prepared. he lasted until the last rounds, but lost. feeling extreme pressure to train harder, he returned to the Hyperbolic Chamber to train some more with Vegeta. by the time he was 19, he was being compared to Uub, a highly capable warrior. (WIP)