Encounter Edit

A familiar chill fell upon Miki as her foot set down upon the bed of dead moss that shelled the small planet. Frieza Planet 162 was the rock's official designation, the name given by the former inhabitants unfortunately lost in history. Miki had visited dozens of the planets conquered by the former Emperor of the Galaxy, but the eerie felling of setting food on the site of a genocide engulfed Miki every time. This moss covered planet was however her best option for rest.

Slipping a small cube out form underneath her belt, Miki tossed it onto the ground at her feet. A puff of white smoke followed, revealing a short rectangular bed once it cleared. The device had served Miki well over the years, allowing her to carry a comfortable place to sleep with her at all times. From what she knew, the technology was a copy of something developed on Earth, which she had yet to visit for herself. Unable to sleep Miki simply sat on the edge of the bed and began tossing small blasts of ki from her fingers into the air, creating a sort of amateur fireworks display in the dark sky.

As Isuka was flying through the night, He saw little ki fireworks, wanting to see where it was coming from. He saw a woman near a bed, And flew over there.

Sensing a rapidly approaching power level, Miki sprung to her feet, cursing herself for being so careless. Mere seconds after she had sense the power level, a human-type creature appeared in the night sky, a powerful aura surrounding his body.

"This rock is already taken." Miki shouted. "Beat it, before I beat you." "Sorry, But i'm gonna have to ask you to stop firing ki fireworks."