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"Honora Tyrannis."
-Creed of the Legio Natus, translates to "Honor Before Tyrants".

The Legio Natus, or Lost Legion, is a former battalion led by Saiyan Evocati Tarragon. This Legion was the elite of King Mato's army, and was led by King Mato himself before it was passed to Tarragon as a means to redeem himself as a son. The Lost Legion, once known as the Gladium Rex, or King's Sword, has been the elite legion of the king for many generations dating back to the third king of the planet. They were at the forefront of interplanetary travel for the Saiyans, and were responsible for the bonds created with other planets, either through diplomacy, or force. They were the king's first call if he found a planet prime to be part of the Saiyan Army. They fought countless wars, and each of their members were defined as heroes, some of them taking on the reins of the royal throne. Their military experience would be passed onto their children, and such a tradition would continue until open recruitment was allowed within the legion to help keep numbers high. The next leader of this Legion would be Tarragon, who wanted to prove himself to his father that he was still a valuable member of the family. He led the Legion to victory for two years until he found himself on a hostile planet the likes of which he had never seen. He lost most of his century that he had brought with him for the incursion, and he surrendered in exchange for keeping the remainder of his forces alive. Because of this, his failures were brought down upon him, with his tail being severed for his failure to take the planet. His fellow Legionaries would cut their tails as a sign of the true person Tarragon was that day. This Legion would be one of the key enemies against King Mato after his genocide of the Tuffles. Though they fought bravely, their forces were wiped out by King Mato's insurmountable power. When Xeleri and his forces teleported Tarragon and Articho to Earth, they were all that was left of the once mighty Legion. After this, Tarragon named the remainder of the Legion the Legio Natus, and formed a creed around it; Honora Tyrannis. Honor before tyrants.