Miki Space

Miki is the only known example of her unique race.

Little is known about Miki's race. The race bears close resemblance to the likes of Sayains and Humans, with the difference in physical appearance being minimal. There are however several key differences that separate Miki's race from the others.

The most notable trait of Miki's Race is their astounding durability. They appear to be able to withstand significantly more punishment than other races, being able to survive wounds that would even eliminate a Sayian. Though durable, Miki's Race is not indestructible. They do not possess the ability to regenerate limbs on their own and can still be killed with a single well places attack to a vital area, such as the heart or brain. Miki owes her life to her race's durability, as she was able to survive constant beating from Frieza over the course of several years. At the same time, her race's durability resulted in years of torture, as Frieza took a liking to Miki for the fact that she didn't "break as easily" as other abductees Frieza used as punching bag.

Another prominent feature of Miki's race is that the species appears to age at a different rate than both humans and Sayians. Miki was a child of ten years when she was abducted from her father's ship. By the time Miki learned of Frieza's defeat on Namik, thirty years has passed, but Miki had only appeared to of aged ten years. Many speculate as to why Miki's race ages in this strange manner, but developing quickly and staying young longer is certainly advantageous for the species.

Miki's Race also show a unique mimicry ability. It appears that the race can imitate techniques simply through observation, though more often than not the mimic version of the technique is imperfect, and formal training is required to truly master the ability. Miki had built most of her moveset upon the basic Death Beam attack, which she copied from Frieza and attempted to assassinate the PTO tyrant. Unfortunately Miki's Death Beam did little damage to Frieza, only angering him. Miki has also observed the Instant Transmission ability of the Yardart species, mimicking and achieving an imperfect version of the ability.