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"To stand as an overwhelming force, with great strength and speed, is a powerful asset."

Race Saiyan
Birthday November 2
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
8'9" (Legendary Super Saiyan)
Weight 209 lbs
350 lbs (Legendary Super Saiyan)
Voice Actor
English Travis Willingham
Japanese Akio Ōtsuka
Professional Status
Profession Warrior
Personal Status
Family Unknown
Marital Status Single
Combat Rankings
Rank Warrior
First Appearance
Series Debut Rebellious Saga: Unwanted Changes
Transformations Super Saiyan
Legendary Super Saiyan
Basic Skills Bad Lancer
Galick Gun
Spirit Sword
Ultimate Skills Blaster Meteor

Nagi (ナギ, Nagi) is a male Saiyan born on Planet Xeleri in the Fifth Dimension. Born to be a warrior and a powerful one at that, Nagi is destined to attain great power. Born the most recent in the line of the Legendary Super Saiyans that appear once every a thousand years, Nagi is being trained by a powerful Saiyan who wishes to overthrow the Saiyan monarchy and take Planet Xeleri as Planet Saiyan, leading to a new king with a trusted council to keep him in check. Nagi would adopt these beliefs as well. This in turn makes Nagi antagonistic to Prince Xeleri, however, his role as a villain or evil is not truly there, he simply seeks what he believes to be the best for the Saiyans. More fitting would be to call the two rivals, with Nagi hiding his respect for the prince under mockery and sarcasm from his once harsh views of the prince.


Nagi, much like other members of the mighty Saiyan race, bears the appearance of their warrior birth coursing through his veins strongly. The stance Nagi takes in daily life is relaxed: upright, but with a slight slouch. One particular portion of his appearance is his figure. He is fairly tall compared to some Saiyans, but holds a somewhat leaner and trim figure compared to some of his brethren though he is still highly muscular. This is combined with his wild black hair that faces towards his right, obscuring a portion of his angular, handsome, face and strikingly cold black eyes, morphing into the image that can only be called Nagi. From being born outside the royal family, Nagi'a tail was removed to prevent him from gaining the power of the Great Ape, though this form would later have proven to be meaningless for him.

With his Super Saiyan form, his hair will turn golden blonde and spike up, with his eyes turning green in color. When he takes on his Legendary Super Saiyan form, Nagi gains a large amount of muscle mass and further grows taller. This puts him as far larger than even the largest of base Saiyans and further causes those who witness his transformation to be shocked and in fear. His blank, white eyes indicate to many a basic truth: that Nagi holds great power and is to be feared.


Nagi is a hard person. Raised to fight and hate the current royalty system under King Mato, Nagi is disapproving of the royal family. This put him at odds with Prince Xeleri, though he does respect the Prince more than he lets on and this is further increased by his rebellion against his father. As he is the Legendary Super Saiyan, he does have great pride in himself and often relies on his brute power in battle. He is, however, not without emotion, as he cried at the death of his master and father-figure Teto.

His sarcasm and vocal disrespect with others makes him hard to deal with, but once one breaks through his hard exterior they will learn Nagi is actually caring and reliable as a friend and ally.


Nagi was born to two lower class Saiyan parents. His parents were simple merchants, neither of them possessing the warrior spirit of the species. So, when born to them was a child with a power level that far exceeded their own and even some Saiyan warriors and nobles, they abandoned the child for fear of what trouble he may bring.

Finding the child, a master warrior named Teto took in the powerful child and raised him as his own, and trained him in the combat arts of the Saiyan. Teto was a former soldier in the Saiyan armies, and during his time of service, his spirit broke of deaths of his friends and family. His hatred turned towards the king, wh ohe began to plot to overthrow. Teto, however, lack sufficient power, but the child could gain it, especially if he was the warrior of legend.

Teto's thoughts would be proven correct when Nagi achieved not only the power of the Super Saiyan, but of the Legendary Super Saiyan during their training. Teto acted quick to calm down Nagi, who responded well to his father figure. Nagi would be trained to master his Super Saiyan form before anything else, and with it gained the power to control his Legendary form. Nagi would adopt Teto's disdain for the King and the current monarchy, viewing the mighty race under a single man's rule who further wished to keep his citizen's under full potential by removing their tails, Nagi would desire a system to keep the king in check, a king all Saiyans could trust with a council of Saiyans to ensure he doesn't go to far and prevent tyrannical rule.

As he grew, his power, though repressed to hide its full value, was often pitted against the son of the King, Prince Xeleri. The two clashed often, testing each other's power time after time, proving each of them to be of skill, that power isn't limited to the noble Saiyan clans. They would clash in their base forms and as Super Saiyans, but by this point Nagi had not yet reveal his Legendary power. While Nagi mocked the prince, he at least had respect for him and views him as "not as bad as his father", going so far to believe the prince could be the king with the trusted council if he continued on his path from his father and not becoming him.


Born with the genetic ability of the Legendary Super Saiyan, Nai was born with a massive power level. Despite being born to commoner parents, Nagi's natural power and training by his mentor Teto places him beyond many of the nobles of Planet Xeleri. As such he is a common rival and clashes with Prince Xeleri often, as their ideals differ but to push themselves, though Nagi has not yet fought the prince with his Legendary form. While it gives him a physical edge, no clash has been done to prove how much more powerful he may be. His Saiyan Power ability has also been abused a few times, in which he willingly lets his opponent beat him to near death to push his power greater when he recovers.

Due to his massive strength, he fights best as a "Saiyan Berserker", and due to his great durability, he can withstand multiple powerful attacks without flinching. His physical dominance give him great power in hand-to-hand combat, and many shrink away from him for this. As he also has strong ki control and plenty of ki to use, he can also let loose a massive barrage of ki attacks, often done with his favored Galick Gun or Spirit Sword, or fully expressed in his Blaster Meteor ability in which he uses multiple ways.

Techniques and AbilitiesEdit

  • Bad Lancer: With this technique, Nagi shapes his ki into that of a spear. Afterwards, he will throw it and it will violently impale the enemy. Nagi can throw many of these energy spears one after another with easy.
  • Blaster Meteor: By first forming a shield around himself with ki, Nagi will gather vast amounts of energy around himself to form a massive sphere of energy. From here, Nagi will use the sphere in multiple ways. Firstly, he can cause the sphere to burst into powerful, albeit smaller spheres that bludgeon the foe with great force. The second way is to blast the energy out in a massive wave that uses more energy and causes vast damage. The final way is that Nagi will maintain the energy around him and charge into foes with it, using the ki around him to first harm the foe and make them react in pain and then grab a hold of them to beat them down or possibly use the ki sphere in one of the other two ways from there. This is easily Nagi's most powerful skil.
  • Flight: With this, Nagi manipulates his ki as to allow him to levitate off the ground and use it to fly. This allows him more movement and greater mobility.
  • Galick Gun: This is one of Nagi's signature attacks. By gathering ki into his hands, Nagi can fire a powerful wave of energy from them. This beam of energy is extremely powerful and can vastly alter the terrain or even destroy a planet if Nagi charges it enough.
  • Ki Blast: With this ability, Nagi can fire his ki off in portions to attack. This is used to throw basic ki bursts at people to act as, more or less, a long range punch. However, should he charge his attacks, the basic burst can carry more destructive power.
  • Saiyan Power: This is the great genetic power of the Saiyans and their trademark of their proud warrior race. With this ability, Nagi's power will continually grow as he fights. This is best soon when Nagi suffers a powerful blow that harms him greatly, upon recovering, his power level boosts drastically as it is done to attempt and prevent him from receiving the same injury again.
  • Spirit Sword: With this technique, Nagi flows ki into his hand. He then fires it out as an energy wave but maintains it to his hand to be able to control it like a sword. During battle he can lengthen and shorten the blade at will, being able to user this method to trip up opponents and catch them off guard. This technique is commonly used by Nagi as it can be adapted and used in various ways.
  • Telekinesis: By manipulating objects with his mind, Nagi can remotely control them and move them. This can be done to pin opponents down, slam large objects into them, or even control the path of his techniques and presumably others.


Super SaiyanEdit


Nagi in his Super Saiyan form.

Nagi, due to his unique power seemed to have a natural inclination to awaken this form. This form turns his dark eyes green and makes his hair spike up and turn golden blonde. His power is greatly enhanced. However, Nagi rarely uses this form as his Legendary Super Saiyan form does everything this form does better and more. He may use it to psyche his stronger opponents out into thinking he is weaker than he truly is.

While it is clearly not as powerful as his Legendary Super Saiyan form, Nagi is still quite powerful in it. In it he can fight against multiple weaker yet still stong enemies without having to fully engage, and it allows him to spar against over Super Saiyans to train without completely dominating them. Nagi appears to have mastered this form, which is why he is able to control himself better in his Legendary variation of it.

Legendary Super SaiyanEdit


Nagi in his Legendary Super Saiyan form.

This is the true, unrivalled power of Nagi's Saiyan abilities. It is a genetic gift, and cannot be trained for to attain. In this form, Nagi's hair turn golden with a green tint or simply golden in its full power. His eyes lose all color and structure, simply becoming pure white orbs, giving him an insane, crazy appearance. Finally, the forms greatest change is his muscle mass.

Nagi shoots up in height and gains massive muscles and build, similar to that of the Super Saiyan Third Grade, however, Nagi does not lose speed in this form. Quite contrary, he seemingly gains speed. This form boosts massive power as its strength greatly outweighs a standard Super Saiyan and allows him to fight multiple Super Saiyans at once with fair ease. When in this form, his durability is enhanced further, as he can can take much more powerful blows without so much as flinching.

This form gives him not only greater physical abilities, but is ki is also made stronger. His basic attacks get far more powerful and allows him to use more simple bursts. His ki further grows much larger, and he appears to draw in ki from the surrounding area to fuel his power more and more, however, this seems to drive him and cause him to become more and more berserk, so he must exercise caution not to lose himself in his power and lose sight of his goals.

Super Saiyan 2Edit


Nagi in his Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form.

Nagi unlocked this form's great power after witnessing his master and father-figure Teto die while sacrificing himself to save Nagi from a powerful attack from King Mato. While Nagi can access this form in its regular state, it is normally and almost exclusively used in tandem with Nagi's Legendary Super Saiyan form, thus making this form normally stand as a Legendary Super Saiyan 2.

In this form, all of the benefits of Super Saiyan are greatly enhanced, along with further enhancement from his Legendary Super Saiyan ability. This state merged with Legendary further made his power level skyrocket and be somewhat lower than Super Saiyan 3 King Mato's power level.


  • Nagi's name is a play on the spring onion, which is negi in Japanese, to play into the Saiyan name theme of vegetable puns.
    • Further, Nagi's name references the god Izanagi, as an expression of his great power.
  • Nagi's voices actors, Travis Willingham for English and Akio Ōtsuka for Japanese, are the actors Nagi's author would want to voice Nagi if he were somehow ever animated.
  • Nagi prefers to eat meat over other forms of food. Further, he dislikes being given plates of only vegetables.
  • Nagi is written to be what his author would consider to be how Broly should have been optimally written.
  • Nagi's base power level was once measured as 12,500,000.

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