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Race Saiyan
Birthday November 2
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Weight 209 lbs
Voice Actor
English Travis Willingham
Japanese Akio Ōtsuka
Professional Status
Profession Warrior
Personal Status
Family Unknown
Marital Status Single
Combat Rankings
Rank Warrior
First Appearance
Transformations Super Saiyan
Basic Skills Bad Lancer
Galick Gun
Spirit Sword
Ultimate Skills Blaster Meteor

Nagi (ナギ, Nagi) is a male Saiyan born on Planet Xeleri in the Fifth Dimension.


Nagi, much like other members of the mighty Saiyan race, bears the appearance of their warrior birth coursing through his veins strongly. The stance Nagi takes in daily life is relaxed: upright, but with a slight slouch. One particular portion of his appearance is his figure. He is fairly tall compared to some Saiyans, but holds a somewhat leaner and trim figure compared to some of his brethren though he is still highly muscular. This is combined with his wild black hair that faces towards his right, obscuring a portion of his angular, handsome, face and strikingly cold black eyes, morphing into the image that can only be called Nagi. From being born outside the royal family, Nagi'a tail was removed to prevent him from gaining the power of the Great Ape, though this form would later have proven to be meaningless for him. With his Super Saiyan form, his hair will turn golden blonde and spike up, with his eyes turning a greenish-blue in color.




Techniques and AbilitiesEdit

  • Bad Lancer: With this technique, Nagi shapes his ki into that of a spear. Afterwards, he will throw it and it will violently impale the enemy. Nagi can throw many of these energy spears one after another with easy.
  • Blaster Meteor: By first forming a shield around himself with ki, Nagi will gather vast amounts of energy around himself to form a massive sphere of energy. From here, Nagi will use the sphere in multiple ways. Firstly, he can cause the sphere to burst into powerful, albeit smaller spheres that bludgeon the foe with great force. The second way is to blast the energy out in a massive wave that uses more energy and causes vast damage. The final way is that Nagi will maintain the energy around him and charge into foes with it, using the ki around him to first harm the foe and make them react in pain and then grab a hold of them to beat them down or possibly use the ki sphere in one of the other two ways from there. This is easily Nagi's most powerful skil.
  • Flight: With this, Nagi manipulates his ki as to allow him to levitate off the ground and use it to fly. This allows him more movement and greater mobility.
  • Galick Gun: This is one of Nagi's signature attacks. By gathering ki into his hands, Nagi can fire a powerful wave of energy from them. This beam of energy is extremely powerful and can vastly alter the terrain or even destroy a planet if Nagi charges it enough.
  • Ki Blast: With this ability, Nagi can fire his ki off in portions to attack. This is used to throw basic ki bursts at people to act as, more or less, a long range punch. However, should he charge his attacks, the basic burst can carry more destructive power.
  • Saiyan Power: This is the great genetic power of the Saiyans and their trademark of their proud warrior race. With this ability, Nagi's power will continually grow as he fights. This is best soon when Nagi suffers a powerful blow that harms him greatly, upon recovering, his power level boosts drastically as it is done to attempt and prevent him from receiving the same injury again.
  • Spirit Sword: With this technique, Nagi flows ki into his hand. He then fires it out as an energy wave but maintains it to his hand to be able to control it like a sword. During battle he can lengthen and shorten the blade at will, being able to user this method to trip up opponents and catch them off guard. This technique is commonly used by Nagi as it can be adapted and used in various ways.
  • Telekinesis: By manipulating objects with his mind, Nagi can remotely control them and move them. This can be done to pin opponents down, slam large objects into them, or even control the path of his techniques and presumably others.


Super SaiyanEdit


Nagi in his Super Saiyan form.

Nagi, due to his unique power seemed to have a natural inclination to awaken this form. This form turns his dark eyes green and makes his hair spike up and turn golden blonde. His power is greatly enhanced. However, Nagi rarely uses this form as his Legendary Super Saiyan form does everything this form does better and more. He may use it to psyche his stronger opponents out into thinking he is weaker than he truly is.

While it is clearly not as powerful as his Legendary Super Saiyan form, Nagi is still quite powerful in it. In it he can fight against multiple weaker yet still stong enemies without having to fully engage, and it allows him to spar against over Super Saiyans to train without completely dominating them. Nagi appears to have mastered this form, which is why he is able to control himself better in his Legendary variation of it.


  • Nagi's name is a play on the spring onion, which is negi in Japanese, to play into the Saiyan name theme of vegetable puns.
    • Further, Nagi's name references the god Izanagi, as an expression of his great power.
  • Nagi's voices actors, Travis Willingham for English and Akio Ōtsuka for Japanese, are the actors Nagi's author would want to voice Nagi if he were somehow ever animated.
  • Nagi prefers to eat meat over other forms of food. Further, he dislikes being given plates of only vegetables.
  • Nagi's base power level was once measured as 12,500,000.