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English Planet Ashita
Kanji 芦田
Planetary Details
Location Universe 5
Guardian Amisen
Inhabitants Alvians

Ashita (芦田,Ashida) also known as Planet Ashita (プラネット・芦田, Puranetto Ashida) is a planet located within the southern sector of universe 5 and home to many of the survivors of universe 18's destruction.



Planet Ashita originally was located within the eastern sector of the eighteenth universe. Learning about the imminent destruction of the universe, Amisen took it upon herself to save those that she could. Upon doing so and with little time left, she used the power of the newly created Dragon Balls to save the planet by warping it to a secluded sector of the fifth universe.


  • It is named after the Ashitaba (アシタバ or 明日葉 ashitaba, literally "Tomorrow's Leaf").

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