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Following his arrival on Planet Namek, Nagi faced his own emotions of sadness and anger over the death of his mentor Tato. With the help of the leader of the Namekians, Yussebo, Nagi began to train once more to start gaining more power. However, Nagi knows he must somehow regroup with Xeleri and the others if he ever wishes to overthrow King Mato...


"Again!" shouted the fierce Namekian leader. In response, Nagi dropped into an array of push-ups, sit-ups, and various other exercise moves as Yussebo barked commands. Nagi dripped with sweat under the high Namekian sun, appearing to have been at these exercises for some long amount of time. Around Nagi, other Namekians worked along side him. These Namekians were Magic Warriors, hybrids of the Dragon and Warrior clans of Namekians that Yussebo desired to become the new united force of the planet for more overwhelming power.

"Namekians, attack the Saiyan!" the leader shouted, a new command he has been using for the past few months. The Magic Warriors dropped whatever they were doing and charged the Saiyan among them. Nagi weaved in and out of punches and kicks, countering them as quickly as he could and swinging some of the slug-men into others.

Yussebo smirked. "You are getting better Nagi. Not one struck you, and further you didn't even use any of your Saiyan forms. It's better that way, to not always use what is basically a powerful temper tantrum. You'll soon have enough control of yourself to control those forms fully, then you will truly be legendary."

Nagi smiled and looked towards his mentor. "Perhaps you should join us, Yussebo, you wouldn't want us the overthrow you one day, would you?" The beaten Namekians around him let out grunted laughs through their pain.

"I thought you simply hated tyrants. Are you just a fan of anarchism?" joked Yussebo as he stepped forth. "Namekians and Saiyan, attack me!" ordered Yussebo, a new command Nagi hasn't heard before. The fallen Namekians rose and charged forth with Nagi at their commander.

Yussebo, more quickly than that of Nagi, dispatched those of his race. With only him and Nagi remaining, the two punched and kicked at blinding speeds. The Magic Warriors watched in amazement of the two grand fighters before them. Yussebo eventually gained the upper hand, using his stretching abilities to move into an opening on Nagi and prepared to strike him.

However, just as quickly, Nagi turned towards the incoming fist and his hair turned golden. Using his increase of speed, Nagi grabbed the hand and slammed Yussebo into the ground with it. Nagi stood over the Namekian with his fist pointed to his face.

"I stand corrected, you do know how to use your forms." smiled the fallen green man. However, a stretched out foot struck Nagi in the back, knocking him over. "But you still must remember to not forget what your opponent can do." stated Yussebo as he quickly got up and pulled his Saiyan comrade up. "This is good for now, training dismissed."

Discussing the SaiyansEdit

"His power has increased even more than it was when he first arrived here." A young namkeian of a rather unique skin tone stated under his breath. He'd been watching Nagi train the entire time. He began to slowly approach his namekian comrade and saiyan friend. "Nagi, excellent display of skill today. I've always wanted to ask you... Are there any others like you?"

"There are. Planet Xeleri is my home, where I come from. Many Saiyans live there, but it is not a good place to nice right now... And then a group of my allies is somewhere in the universe right now."

Yussebo looked over, knowing Nagi desired to find his fellow Saiyans to continue his mission. "You'll find them eventually Nagi, don't worry over it for now."

"I see, Nagi. Are they all powerful like you?" The young namekian may have appeared to be annoying, but that's where his power truly came. "You comrades, do you have any idea where they are? I would like to meet them at some point in the future. I'd like to study your species a bit more."

"There are some that are quite strong, but I'm a... different case. What I possess is a rare trait that only shows up once every many, many years. But right now, the king is stronger. I need surpass him. As for the others, I'm not sure. We teleported off together, but I got lost along the way. I'm assuming the teleporter couldn't handle the load."

Yussebo looked at Nagi for a moment before speaking. "Did you happen to get energy from any of that group?" Nagi nodded. "During the battle with Mato, two Saiyans in the group lent me their energy." Nagi responded with plainly.

Yussebo placed his hand on Nagi shoulder and began to focus. "Remnants. Tiny remnants of their energy still linger in you." Yussebo said as he pulled part of the foreign energy out. Using his magic, Yussebo made a crystal ball and used the energy as a tracker. Seeing images of Tarragon on Earth, Yussebo ended his ability. "They are alive Nagi. I can perhaps get you to them, but I will need time to prepare for such a maneuver." said the Namekian as he pulled the remaining energy of the other Saiyans in Nagi out and used his magic to crystallize it."

Nagi was shocked. "I had no idea you could do that Yussebo, thank you for all your help." Nagi said happily. Yussebo nodded back.