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Anime name Scizor
Appears in Dragon Ball Z: Sacred Moon
Race Namekian
Gender Male
Date of birth unknown
Height 5'9
Occupation Destroyer

Scizor is a Namekian, stated to be the direct son of Demon King Piccolo. He makes his debut in the Dragon Ball Z: Sacred Moon series, during the first arc.

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Attack of the Namekian Arc Edit

Showing up to Earth in a space pod, Scizor crash lands about one hundred miles away from Capsule Corp. After emerging from his space pod thanks to the ruckus caused by Piccolo and his student Gohan, Scizor steps on Earth only to turn the Z-Fighters into stone instantly. After an attempt to irradiate the earth, Scizor is put on a hiatus by Saiyan, Castitas, who wastes no time going all out Super Saiyan to stop him. Scizor proves that Super Saiyan will not be enough as he completely destroys Castitas, placing him inches away from death.

Ready to finish off the Saiyan, Scizor launches an energy disc at Castitas only to find it deflected by a new warrior, Toneri.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Scizor's power level is described as above average, by King Kai. King Kai also goes on to state that Gohan and Gotenkd at their currently level wouldn't be able to struggle with him. Scizor is seen being able to turn things into stone[1], as he turned all the Z-Fighters into stone. After engaging in full battle with Castitas, Scizor displays more of his power. He's shown being able to fire off ki blast, thin like sewing needles that easily pierce the body in rapid barrages. His strength is also somewhat mighty, as he was able to send Castitas flying with a single punch to the face. As a Namekian, Scizor possess the ability to regenerate any lost organs. So much, that he was able to recreate his entire body with only his arm being left over. After pinning Castatis down, he launched an energy disc at his face.

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Scizor Transformation

Scizor's unnamed transformation.

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