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"This is it, the full power of Shintai. Let's just say that me and you are going to be equal to each other now!"
— Negi in "Duel Between Saiyans"

English An object in which a deity resides or Ultimate Truth
Kanji 真諦
Technique Statistics
Type Power Up
Inventor Farfa
Used By Negi

Shintai (真諦; lit. "Ultimate Truth") is a technique invented by Farfa, being taught to Jeora, and eventually Negi; but used mainly by Negi. Essentially, Shintai has multiple effects on the user. Shintai coats the user in a thick protective coat of ki, which allows them endure powerful offensive techniques, making them briefly invincible. Negi prefers to use Shintai than Super Saiyan, as Shintai requires less energy to activate. Secondly, it provides the user with an intense enhancement of the five primary senses, as well as adding a "sixth sense", giving the user the ability to "feel" whatever is happening around them in a 5 kilometer radius, this is later extended to 10 kilometers after Negi's training with Farfa.


Super ShintaiEdit

An enhanced version of Shintai, Super Shintai is the pinnacle of Shintai. Farfa was the only one who could master the technique. Negi can only use it in short bursts, and when used, it slightly lowers the effects of Shintai.