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Super Saiyan Noir
English Super Saiyan Noir
Kanji 超サイヤ人ノワール
Technique Statistics
Type Transformation
Used By Miazuna

Super Saiyan Noir (超サイヤ人ノワール, Sūpā Saiya-jin Nowāru) is a a transformation obtained Miazuna by that combines the power of her demonic energy with the Super Saiyan form.




During the events of 「 」while helping defend the planet「 」from an attack by a legion of demons, the leader of the army detonated a bomb of Dark Energy to convert the planet it into a base. To prevent the energy from spreading, Miazuna entered her demon form and began to absorbed it. While successful in absorbing the energy, it proved too much for her to handle and her demon abilities begins to go berserk. Causing her to change into a more monstrous version of her Great Ape form and went on a rampage, killing the remaining demons. Fearing the raging beastly Miazuna, using her ability Amisen was able to subdue Miazuna, but was unable to reverse the transformation. After sometime had passed, she regained part of her sanity but was still unable to change back. Desperate to help her child, Amisen sent Miazuna to the demon realm to train with the demon god Ba’lal. Training for three years in a unique space created by Ba'lal, she was able to regain her complete sanity and condense her power into a humanoid from. Upon returning to her home and showing Amisen her power, she named this new form, Super Saiyan Noir.

Usage and PowerEdit

This form allows Miazuna wield the full capabilities of her heritage. The form pushes her power, strength, endurance and speed to new heights beyond those of previous forms. Along with the boost in physical strength, her the ki and magic power both raise dramatically to the level of gods. In addition to these increases, Miazuna is granted the ability to sense god ki and increased healing. ~more coming soon~