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During the battle of Nagi, Xeleri, Tarragon, and their various allies against King Mato and his men, Nagi escaped with the teleportation of one of his allies, Aspara. However, the teleportation, under Aspara's stress and energy loss, went haywire, sending the Legendary Super Saiyan elsewhere. Awakening on Planet Namek, he briefly met the leader of the Namekians, Yussebo, before passing out once more from the stress on his body...


Nagi awoke with a start. Waking from a dream in which he once again witnessed the death of his master, Teto, Nagi looked uneasy at his surroundings. It was not his home on Planet Xeleri, nor was it the blue grassy plains he remembered briefly seeing. No, the might Saiyan warrior was in a bed in different styled clothes. Somebody rushed into the room. "I see our healing has saved your life, how do you feel?" asked a creature. It was a masculine looking bipedal humanoid, but green in flesh with antenna.

"Are you... a Namekian? Where am I?" asked Nagi as he strained to get up. "Well, yes, I am a Namekian, and thus, you are on Namek. Our leader found you passed out in a field. He did rudimentary healing, however, that is something he is still learning. He brought you to us, a Dragon-clan cell in his city to hell you."

"Leader..." Nagi thought to himself as he stood. Nagi went wide-eyed as he remembered the scene. "Yussebo. Where can I find him, I would like to thank him for his hospitality."

The Namekian healer laughed. "Perhaps first, you should get some clothes." Nagi looked down, unaware of his nudity. The Namekian extended his index and middle fingers at Nagi and hit him with a beam. Magically, clothes appeared on Nagi that were in a similar fashion to that of the Namekian. "Yussebo is likely in the fields outside the city, training with his royal guard. He is curious of a Saiyan like you, so I assume he would welcome your visit." the Namekian said as he led the Saiyan outside the building.

Nagi thanked the Namekian and took to flight. The city was unlike what Nagi expected. He had believed the Namekians to be primitive and tribal, however, the city was structured similarly to that of the cities on Xeleri, simply made from different materials and on a smaller scale to accommodate the major social aspect of the Namekians. Nagi observed the Namekians walking about, children playing, adults laughing, and other activities. Soon the Saiyan reached the outskirts of the small city and saw a large, bluish-green Namekian fighting four other Namekians at once. The four appeared highly trained and strong, however, their efforts weren't enough to strike the Namekian leader as he weaved in and out of punches, and then, just like that, struck the guards with a single strike each, knocking them out.

"You are getting better, however, you need to be able to both have the speed and power to strike, but the instinct to predict an opponents movement. Be more like water, and adapt." the Namekian said as he noticed the Saiyan approaching. "So our guest lives, I hope the healers treated you well my foreign acquaintance."

"They did, and I'd like to thank you for your help. It increased my power in the process." Nagi said as he noted his Zenkai boost.

"So you fully confirm your Saiyan blood, interesting. As for helping you, it is not an issue. So long as you do not harm the people of this planet, my people, I have no reason to kill you. What is your name? I am Yussebo, in case you forgot when you lost consciousness."

"I am Nagi, and it is a pleasure to meet you. I have no ill will towards the Namekian people, and I have no intention on bringing harm to any of you."

Yussebo nodded with a slight smile. "In that case, my Saiyan friend, what will you do now? All I know is you spoke of needing to get stronger, but for what?"

Nagi sighed as he remember his battle with Mato. The Legendary Super Saiyan, the power he alone was born with, did not anticipate the king gaining power beyond Super Saiyan, and thus, the Legendary Super Saiyan. "The king of the Saiyans, Mato, is corrupt against his people and the Tuffles. I tried to stop him with allies, but it was to no avail. We lost, not even able to harm the king, and my master and father died to defend me. I need to get stronger to kill him, to help redeem my race, and avenge Master Teto."

Yussebo nodded with the tale. The Namekian leader hated corruption and crime, and sympathized with the Saiyan. "In that case, you are welcome to train here on Namek with me and my people. I can help you attain the power you seek."

Nagi shook his head no. "I must do this myself!" the Saiyan shouted as he flew off from the Namekians and into a distant plain beyond the city outskirts. Yussebo watched the Saiyan fly off and raised his hand. "Namekians, continue on without me. I have something I'd like to attend to." Then, in an instant, Yussebo teleport off with usage of his magic.

Alone in the FieldsEdit

Days had passed since Nagi's encounter with Yussebo, and days turned into weeks. Alone Nagi trained in the field, making meals of Namekian wildlife but being safe to not bring harm on the actuan Namekians. Nagi spoke with Yussebo on separate occasions, sparking a friendship between the two, however, alone Nagi remained day in and day out in the fields outside of Yussebo's home, Necke City.

Nagi learned of Yussebo's desire to advanced the Namekians into a more civilized society, more akin to the Saiyans and Arcosians that occasionally plagued his planet. Nagi respected this, the drive to go beyond tribal customs and adapt like the Saiyans had before.

Nagi, in the field, fired blasts of ki all over, causing damage to the ground in fair scale. Striking trees, Nagi trained in melee. However, during all of this, Teto's death remained on Nagi's mind. His anger boiled and his sadness swelled, but alone he trained.

Or was he alone? No. In a distance from Nagi, masking his great power level, Yussebo stood and watched the Saiyan train and try and grow stronger. Try and try Nagi did day after day, but Yussebo noticed as he watched, that something was off with the Saiyan. As the Saiyan stopped and captured a Namekian frog to cook and eat, Yussebo flew down. "Mind if I join you Nagi?" asked the Namekian leader as he drew water from a stream to drink.

Nagi shook his head. "Yeah, its fine." Nagi said as he took a bite of his food. Yussebo stared on at the Saiyan. "How goes your training Nagi, getting any stronger?" Yussebo asked as he finished his drink. Nagi again shook his head. "I-I think so." Nagi said as he quickly finished the small meal.

"I see..." Yussebo said as they both stood. About to walk away, Yussebo looked back at Nagi one more time. "Nagi."

As Nagi turned to look at the Namekian, he flew. As he turned, a foot connected to his face in a crescent kick form. Nagi looked up surprised and angry. "What the hell Yussebo!?" the Saiyan yelled as he stood back up.

"This charade has gone on long enough, Saiyan, fight me!" Yussebo shouted as he took stance.

In an instant, Nagi transformed into a Super Saiyan and charged the Namekian.

Clash in the Field! Nagi vs Yussebo!Edit

The mighty Saiyan warrior punched out with full force at the Namekian, however, Yussebo dropped and propelled himself upwards with his hands, kicking Nagi in the stomach. The Saiyan warrior got pushed back, but charged on angrily at Yussebo.

"Why are you intent on fighting me!? I have done nothing to you or your people!" shouted the Saiyan as he charged a ki blast and fired it. Yussebo slapped it away as he stared the Saiyan down. "It is not what you have done to me or the Namekians, but what you do to yourself Nagi!" retorted Yussebo as he pointed his fingers out and a large number of swords appeared through magic. The swords rained down over the field and at Nagi. Nagi used his ki to expel energy outward to push the blades away, extending his arms outward on either side of his body while doing so.

Yussebo anticipated this action, and threw his arm out with a stretching ability. His arm constricted around the Saiyan who was not prepared for such an attack. Yussebo's great strength had not changed with this power, and his arm acted like a boa constrictor on steroids. It tightened more and more, causing great pain to the Saiyan warrior. "What do you mean myself?" Nagi said weakly as the air was crushed out of him.

Nagi's muscles began to bulge as his frame enlarged. Massive amounts of ki poured out from him while doing this. His transformation had begun, the Legendary Super Saiyan. With a final push of energy, Yussebo's arm was destroyed by the mighty Saiyan warrior.

Yussebo reacted in pain, but in moments, a new arm grew in place of the old one. "I see, I sensed a great power in you. I've only heard rumors, but you must be the Legendary Super Saiyan." Yussebo said this with a smirk as energy in him moved. The Namekian leader's power surged. "I have told you, Namekian criminals, the worst of our people, are executed. However, I did not tell you, I absorb their remains. While you alone have such power, I have the power to rival it with the power of my brothers, my fallen Namekian comrades, and those so evil they could not be allowed to live for the safety of my people." As Yussebo said this, to add even greater strength, his body enlarged to a size equal to that of Nagi before him, using his Great Namek transformation.

"I don't understand still Yussebo, why do you intend on this fight? I thought we had become friends!" Nagi shouted as his eyes faded. The behemoth of a Saiyan charged forth, kicking the Namekian in the chest.

Yussebo lost his breath with such a powerful strike. "No loss in speed, my mistake. You are even faster now." Yussebo said as he teleported behind Nagi and struck him with his hands together in a downward motion. This made the Saiyan drop to the ground as the Namekian grabbed Nagi's throat and held him up by it.

"Do you want to know why I fight with you today Nagi?" questioned the Namekian leader as he watched Nagi squirm. The Saiyan shook his head no as he continued to struggle. Enraged, Yussebo threw him into the earth, leaving a crater in the ground doing so. The Namekian slammed down, with a foot into Nagi's stomach, who violently coughed out his breath and forcibly powered down.

"I fight you because you are my friend Nagi, though you have only been on this planet for a short while, you and I have become friends. You have become one of my people, and you harm yourself. You have been harming yourself since you left me in that field when you awoke."

"W-what do you mean? I have been trai-" Nagi tried to say but was cut off.

"NO!" roared Yussebo in anger. "What you have been doing is not training. You have been wallowing in your sadness and in your shame. You have not gotten any stronger since you have come here outside of the Zenkai boost from your injuries. Do not lie to me, Saiyan, you know it to be true!" yelled Yussebo down to his friend.

Nagi looked up at the Namekian wide eyed, but soon looked away in saddness. "I know... I have been out here doing nothing but pretending."

Yussebo stepped down from the Saiyan and grabbed his arm, pulling him up. "Nagi, I am not saying for you to ignore your sadness for the loss of Teto, it is only natural to be sad over the loss of a loved one. But what I am telling you to do is accept it and move forward. Your life does not end because Teto's did. That is exactly what Teto wanted by letting himself, a Saiyan warrior just like you, die for someone other than himself. Harness your sadness, your anger, and all the emotion you feel over his loss Nagi, make it your weapon to grow beyond Mato and gain the power to defeat him and end his tyranny and corruption."

Nagi let out a wail after hearing these words, finally working through the death of Teto. Yussebo put his hand on the Saiyan's shoulder. "It is alright, my friend, we can work together to bring you to new heights. You will become greater than ever."

Nagi wiped his eyes with his left arm and looked at the Namekian with a small smile and nodded. Nagi dropped to his knee doing this. "You are right, Yussebo. I can get stronger with you, please, become my teacher like Teto before you."

Yussebo was shocked by this action, but smiled down as the humbled Saiyan warrior. "I, Yussebo, leader of the Namekians and protector of the law, accept this request. You will become my student Nagi, and when we are done, we will stand as equals.

And so, the mighty Saiyan warrior, who believed himself to be alone, befriended the Namekian leader and worked through his sadness. The Saiyan warrior, proud and strong, humbled himself before the Namekian he called his friend and asked him to become what Teto was before, his master. Together, Nagi and Yussebo will ascend to new heights and avenge the fallen Teto and stop the corruption of the Saiyan king.

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