Name Tsukishima
Race Majin
Birthdate July 4
Nickname Almighty
Home Planet Random Kai Planet
Occupation Traveler
Combat Rankings
Classification Majin
Basic Skills Absorption

Afterimage Technique
Assault Rain
Buu Rocket
Electric Shock
Exploding Wave
Finger Beam
Instant Learning
Instant Transmission
Mystic Attack
Mystic Ball Attack
Neo Tri-Beam
Solar Wave
Trap Shooter
Wild Sense

Tsukishima is a traveling Majjn, who hails from an unknown planet. He is the crowned prince of a hidden civilization within the planet. Among the people of the empire, he is referred to as Prince Tsukishima . He is truly supposed to be the king, but a false king is currently at the throne, due to the high council being corrupted and being responsible for the deaths of Tsukishima's Parents. Tsukishima is unaware of these circumstances, and is currently known as the Spitting Image of the King and the Majin of Prophecy. Even though being raised within the empire's civilization, he is greatly aware of the outside planets.

He is the leader of the empire as whole, yet the imposters of his parents make all of the highly important decisions within the family. Due to his higher rank within the family, he has access to a small army, known as the Protectors of the High Prince. This small army, is his protection when he makes trips out of the kingdom.

Due to his parents' genetics, he is of the majin lineage which allows him to passively manipulate his body to suit himself. When he was younger, he'd be the loudest sound you'd hear within the cold silent nights of the kingdom. The overload of anger caused him to go from his usually quiet self as a baby, to a yelling angry child who easily put a hole in a stone wall with a punch.

Before his mothers death, she was famed for her usage of the Instant Transmission, which allowed her to teleport between large distances. Her famous usage was that she could teleport from one planet to the next. After she died, Tsukishima discovered a chest locked within her room right next to her will. Tsukishima opened the chest with ease. Inside he found a scroll. Within the scroll, he saw it was how to use his mother's famed technique. After he learned how to use it adequately the scroll disppeared into nothing, though somehow he remembered what it said inside perfectly.

Now, as the high prince, he is exploring the world along with his private army. He is also investigating the supposed king, who now has the throne of his kingdom.

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