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"The wind's flow, unscathed."

"It's time now, isn't it my lord?" A voice stated. It was hesitant. Almost as if whatever it had been addressing, placed fear into it's hear. "You're finally there, fifty percent of your full power." As those words slipped from the being's mouth, there was a loud thump. The lights came on, and the scenery appeared as if it were some sort of laboratory. Watching the flooring of the lab, a large shadow took over it engulfing the floor. A small man became visible, bearing a striking resemblance to Garlic Jr.. His skin color however, black. Yet still, the resemblance was there, he was indeed one of the Makyans. "Are you okay, my lord? No need for you to get up just yet, at least wait until you get to full power.

There was a demonic laughter from an entirely new voice. "Haha... Hahaha!.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The voice shouted, and the shadow appeared as if it began to lift up. If one got a closer look at the shadow, it would be quite clear that the shadows was indeed that of a person. "My family has suffered for years and years. It's finally time that I took revenge on their behalf on those wretched Saiyan's!"

Reaching to his arms, he took wires off and sparks lit as each one was taken off. A shockwave filled the entire area, pushing things back as glass had broken from falling off of tables. Everything happening was visible through nothing but the shadows. "Can't you feel my power level, Ora?! I don't even need to be at full power to even take out a planet! Just think, when I add the power of the Majin, I'll be virtually indestructible!"

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