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  • I live in Leaf Village
  • My occupation is Tenth Hokage, RPer, Contributor,
  • I am a Man of his own Mysteries
  • TheTenthHokage

    Hi fellow citizens and probably aliens, I am here to talk about what we should do to improve this wiki. (This is my first blog ever, please enjoy.)

    Are you ready?

    Alright, let's get started!

    First, you can tell your friends, family, strangers or basically anyone that is a DBZ fan about this wiki! It will help our wiki become more active and not boring for years (like Beerus).

    Oh no! RUN!!!

    Phew, now that we are far from him, let's state the second thing! Power levels, titles, and transformations. Before everyone (it could be you) ended up having an argument about such things I have just said, please keep in mind that if you need to run an idea that you probably have or even a question or you need an estimated power level for your character, BE …

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